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Mangalore’s most spectacular beaches one must visit

Posted by Rambo | July 03, 2023

  Mangalore’s most spectacular beaches one must visit Mangalore is probably one of the least mentioned cities when it comes to coastal destinations and gorgeous beaches. The destination is home to some incredible beaches lined with coconut trees. The beaches in Mangalore are a unique paradise for holidaymakers. Let’s explore some of the most beautiful beaches in Mangalore: Tannirbhavi Beach: Tannirbhavi Beach It’s a surreal land! To reach this beach, one will have to take a ferry from the Gurupura River. The beach is noted for its vast never-ending shores and sunset views. One can enjoy surfing and swimming in the cool and calm waters here. Surathkal Beach: Surathkal Beach Situated in Surathkal region of Mangalore, this beach is noted for offering majestic sunset and sunrise views. The beauty of this beach never ceases to impress people. It is also renowned for its sparkling white sands, adorned with pretty seashells and clear water. Panambur Beach: Panambur Beach One of the cleanest beaches in the city, Panambbur attracts tourists from all regions. The golden sand and clear sparkling waters are the highlight of the beach. The waves are perfect here for surfers. Also, the beach is a paradise for foodies with a number of food stalls serving exotic seafood dishes. Kodical Beach: Kodical Beach This beach is located in New Mangalore, and is among the most splendid beaches in Mangalore with breathtaking settings. The place is a famous picnic spot that people visit to enjoy a day out with their families and friends. Chitrapura Beach: Chitrapura Beach With the most beautiful sand track, this Mangalore beach will impress you with its undaunted natural beauty. The beach is an ideal escape for solitude seekers and offbeat travellers as the place is visited by fewer people.